What to wear for a photoshoot

Are you wondering what to wear for a spring photoshoot? This is the number one question all clients have since every photographer has their own shooting and editing style. For spring photoshoots I tend to lean towards neutral colors that are considered “Earth Tones” because these colors compliment my editing style. For spring sessions I recommend light neutral colors, dusty rose, green, and blues.

  • Light neutral color scheme for photo session

Key to finding the right outfits

Finding what to wear for your spring photoshoot is not complicated. I believe the more simple the better because as your photographer, I want your outfits to be beautiful, but I want to keep the focus on you. Layering, adding texture and how the outfit fits is all key. For men you can’t go wrong with jeans or casual pants with an earth tone button up or tee. Casual jackets, shoes and hats are a plus for everyone! Avoid crazy patterns and logos. For women I recommend casual dress-up like a dress or skirt, simple shirt or sweater with jeans or casual pants, cardigans and/or scarves or a flattering jumpsuit. Try to avoid a lot of jewelry and busy nail art. I recommend the same styling for children.

Where should I shop for my spring outfits?

Shopping for your spring outfits doesn’t have to cost a fortune. First place I recommend looking is your own closet. If you don’t currently own the clothes you want I am a HUGE fan of TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Old Navy, Amazon and Etsy. Many towns have small boutiques that usually offer creative outfits if you want to support small business in your town. Wherever you decide to shop, once you have outfits picked out I ask that you send me pictures so I can approve and start brainstorming your session!

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