5 Tips for One Year Photoshoot

As parents we all want to capture every milestone of our baby’s life. Turning one is a memorable milestone and should be documented! I’ll explain simple ways to prepare yourself and your adorable baby for the One Year photo shoot or One Year Cake-Smash session.

one year baby in photo studio sitting on floor with birthday cake

1. Don’t expect them to be all smiles

While one year old’s love to play and be silly, they can become intimidated by unfamiliar settings and a bunch of adults egging them on to smile, clap their hands and even dig into a cake for the first time. I will always strive to get at least one good smile, one picture sitting still and hopefully one of them actually looking at the camera (hopefully smiling). But this is not fully promised so I let the babies be babies and capture them as they are.

2. Let them play

I spend most of a one year session looking through my viewfinder so I’m ready to capture every good moment. I try to stay out of their way and let them just be themselves. This way they are happier, sillier, and more like themselves. I am silly myself and work well with babies and children, so I’m usually pretty lucky at capturing some giggles!

Baby girl sitting on dirt with big sister playing with her dirty feet

3. If all else fails, capture their babyhood

Sometimes even the most experienced photographer can’t capture those moments you hoped for, some one year old’s just don’t want to look up or look at the camera and they just have their minds set on what they want to do and that’s it! So my main focus at that point is to capture the little details like their adorable little toes, chubby cheeks and arms, and great profiles of them in action. Believe it or not, these candid shots will fill your walls, albums, and hearts with tangible memories of being there even though you’re not the one being photographed.

4. Picking outfits

If you have decided on a cake-smash session I recommend picking one outfit for regular one year pictures and a cake-smash outfit. For boys cake-smash I recommend overalls or pants without a shirt and barefoot; for girls I recommend a romper or two piece set with a small headpiece and barefoot. As always I recommend more earth tone and neutral colors without crazy patterns and logos.

5. Cake & Extra Props

Whether we are shooting in the studio or outdoors, the option of adding a cake is up to you. I recommend a two-layer naked cake for beautiful photos and easy clean up. I will provide the cake stand, you as the client will bring the cake. Some clients opt to bake their own cake, if you’re anything like me and baking is not your talent, I have collaborated with Touch of Elegance Bakery in the Fort Steuben Mall to create the perfect cake smash cake. You can contact Stephanie at 740-424-4664. When it comes to props, I am a minimalist. I will provide cake stand, greens and furniture. If you desire specific floral, balloons or other props, we will discuss this after you schedule your session.

Naked cake on tree trunk cake stand

If you are ready to schedule your One Year Photoshoot click HERE!

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