Maternity Portraits

When Should I Book My Session?

The best time to book for your maternity session is between 12-20 weeks in term. The sooner you book your session the better. You can reach out for last minute inquiries as I sometimes have last-minute availability.

How far along should I be for maternity portraits?

It is best to be anywhere between 30-34 weeks in term for maternity portraits. If you are expecting twins or more then we would schedule for 28-30 weeks in term. It is still recommended to book around 12-20 weeks to ensure a slot on the calendar.

What should I wear to the photo shoot?

When you book your session with me we will discuss what style you want to go with. Some expectant parents want a casual or laid back session in their home with jeans and a comfortable top while others want to wear a beautiful maternity gown. As your photographer I will guide you with finding the right wardrobe for your session.

Can I include family in the photo shoot?

Yes, you may include any other children you have and your partner at no additional cost. We include 3-4 different looks with them. Any other family members will require an additional fee.

Where will my photo shoot take place?

You have the option to capture the beauty of outdoors, lifestyle session in your home or in a studio setting.

I’m camera shy, can you help me?

Many people I photograph are camera shy, including myself. After listening to my clients and even having maternity portraits taken of myself, I can tell you first hand that you won’t regret capturing this beautiful memory. My children still to this day look at my maternity portraits and talk about it! We snuggle and I tell them how I felt when they were in my belly and how excited we were to meet them. Children love to know how important they are to you and they want to know that you were excited for their arrival. I will help you feel beautiful and comfortable during your photo shoot because you should be celebrated and you should have these pictures to look back on. We will listen to soothing music and use other useful tools to help you feel at ease.

Are you ready?

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