Studio & Outdoor Portraits

Studio vs. outdoor portraits; things to consider on which photoshoot is best for you. While I believe both style photoshoots create beautiful images, sometimes one may suite your interests better than another.

A studio photo shoot is great for:

  • Branding & Headshots
  • Modeling
  • Portraits & senior portraits
  • Newborn & toddlers
  • Simple family
  • Predictable atmosphere (We don’t have to rely on good weather)

An outdoor photoshoot is great for:

  • Family lifestyle session
  • Children lifestyle
  • Senior portraits
  • Sports portraits
  • Desire different landscapes in background
  • Seasonal portraits
  • Large groups

A breakdown of studio vs. outdoor photoshoot

Studio photoshoots can give you those simple, traditional heirloom style images that never go out of style; and because studio gives you that controlled environment, the chances of rescheduling your session due to bad weather is significantly reduced. The photographer can achieve consistent lighting to ensure your images turn out every time, and you will also remain clean, hair/make-up may stay in place and the photoshoot is typically a shorter time frame. For branding and headshots I always recommend starting with a studio photoshoot to give you those professional images for marketing.

Outdoor photoshoots are a great option for a more natural, storytelling type of session and are great for children to be wild and feel more at ease while being photographed. Outdoor is also a great option if you want to add your four-legged friends in your portraits! The different seasons offer so many beautiful colors, lighting scenarios and landscapes that give you backdrops you could never achieve in a studio setting. Outdoor photoshoots usually take a bit longer than studio photoshoots because there is more space to work with, the family is more likely to be playing and having fun, and you also may deal with weather or circumstances that change your course.

Questions you should ask yourself:

Here are some things to consider when choosing studio or outdoor photoshoots.

  • Which style of photography do you like?
  • What are your children’s temperaments like?
  • Which style of photography compliments your home decor?
  • What is your schedule like? Do you have flexibility to reschedule or do you need to stick with a certain date?

I hope that this information is helpful in choosing which photoshoot is best for you. If you need further assistance on deciding if you should choose one or the other, feel free to reach out to me for help!

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