Prints vs. Digital Files

Do you prefer prints or digital files? Digital photography has changed the way we take and look at pictures. Thanks to smart phones, digital images can be taken by anyone and anywhere. Digital files let you access your images any time and can even be stored on hard drives and the cloud. You may have heard the saying that we are now the most photographed generation without pictures. Having a smart phone myself, I not only use it to capture so many moments of my life but I use it for my business and so many other reasons. Technology certainly has it’s pros and cons, but as we are emerging into this new way of life, let’s step back and take a good look at what we are really missing.

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Choosing Digital Images

If you prefer digital files over prints it’s mainly because you want lifetime access to those images. I am a digital photographer so I am biased to the digital age. But most of us have so many images stored on our computer, phone, multiple older phones, external hard drives, the cloud (which usually bugs you to purchase more storage), and other sites. Think about the day that a loved one is no longer present, is the family going to want to gather around our twenty phones, cloud service or hard drives to view pictures? There is something very powerful in actually being able to see or touch something in real life versus the digital way.

Choosing Prints

Choosing prints is important because it’s easier to develop meaningful feelings over a physical entity than a digital one. There are multiple studies out there on how people actually value physical objects much more than digital ones because they feel more ownership towards the physical ones. Technology can fail us. It’s happened to clients of mine and it’s happened to me. Your images disappear into cyberspace. Computers and phones crash and online companies can go out of business or crash, etc. After photographing clients for over fifteen years and delivering digital images on a regular basis, it’s amazing the number of people who share their images on social media but admit that they still haven’t printed them. So I decided to make a change not only in my own home but in the products I deliver.

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Products I offer

When you schedule a session with me I will not only capture you at this moment in your life, but I want to make sure that you absorb it! I offer professional quality products that will preserve the moment and my hard work. Why pay an expensive session fee for a photographer whose work you value and then not end up with a high quality product? It just makes no sense. Don’t worry, I still offer digital files but do not recommend them as a final product. My job as your photographer is to help you freeze your memories and enjoy them for years to come.

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