Late summer and Fall Photoshoots

Late summer and fall photoshoots are my absolute favorite. The variety of flowers and colors are so vibrant and beautiful that it makes the months of August through October a very popular photography season. People love to be photographed while surrounding themselves in Mother Nature’s beauty.

Photoshoot Idea #1: Flower fields

Flower fields are at the top of my list of best places to be photographed during August and September. In the Ohio Valley you can visit local farms and businesses that plant wildflowers, sunflowers, and more. Late summer is when you can expect to see these fields blooming. But don’t drag your feet if you want to be photographed with these seasonal beauties because they are only in bloom for a short period of time.


Sunset, or golden hour photoshoots are usually offered from the months of May through September. Sunsets are beautiful to watch in person and photographers love the intense and saturated colors that can set the sky ablaze. The warm tones and fiery palette can create a sense of warmth, romance, and emotion in your photographs. Golden hour is also great for capturing silhouettes. The sun sits right above the horizon so expect to have your photoshoot scheduled about an hour before the sun sets.

Fall Scene

Family standing on a road surrounded by a fall scene.

Fall is the most popular of all the seasons when it comes to family photography. Everyone loves the vibrant warmth of the leaves and the overall vibe of the season. From pumpkin patches, apple orchards, corn mazes and leafy scenes, fall offers so many backdrops and photoshoot ideas. Here are some ideas you can incorporate in your next fall photoshoot :

  • Fall picnic
  • Leaf wall
  • Raining leaves
  • Holding a leaf
  • Holding pumpkins
  • Kissing pumpkins
  • Laying on leaves
  • Framed by corn maze
  • Boat fall photoshoot
  • Pumpkin patch
  • Leaf fight
  • Leaves falling on umbrella
  • Apple picking
  • Sitting on large pumpkin
  • Throwing a pumpkin in the air
  • Leaf skirt
  • Match the trees
  • Fairytale vibe
  • Pumpkin covering one eye
  • Be completely surrounded by pumpkins
  • Sitting in a wheelbarrow
  • Sitting on fence
  • Lie down in pumpkins
  • Shopping at farmers market
  • Fall colored road
  • Fall road trip vibe
  • Wandering through corn maze
  • Frame a photo with a heart cut out of a leaf
  • Fall forest
  • Cozy by the fire
  • Front porch scene
  • Cozy on couch watching movie
  • Leaf crown
  • Toast to fall using coffee mugs
  • Show off the perfect leaf
  • Reading a book

Photographer’s schedules are already starting to fill up for late summer and fall sessions. If you are considering scheduling a photoshoot I recommend booking your session now! And if you want me to be your photographer for your next session, click the “Book Now” button below.

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